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Despite the obvious benefits of living in a densely populated city, living in the Capital region has many more opportunities that you can imagine. From balanced work-life balance, lifestyle amenities, to quality education opportunities  – the Capital region offers great benefits for those people seeking a different type of life. At the same time, the region also offers affordable housing prices and easy access to cheap asset-finance loans for vehicles.

So what and where are the NSW Capital Region locations?

Let’s make it easy and break them into four main areas:

  • Snowy Living – including Berridale, Bombala, Cooma, Jindabyne & Nimmitabel
  • Capital Living – Including Braidwood, Bungendore, Canberra, Jugiong, Murrumbateman & Queanbeyan
  • Coast Living – Including Batemans Bay, Moruya & Narooma
  • Tablelands Living – Including Boorowa, Crookwell, Goulburn, Gunning, Harden, Marulan, Yass & Young

OK, so now you know where they are, let’s give you a quick look at what they have to offer overall with an invitation to click on your desired locations to give a real feel for what life could be like.

Why A Novated Lease Is Attractive

Why A Novated Lease Is Attractive

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A conventional vehicle purchase involves two parties, which are the seller and the buyer. Well, you can also introduce your employer into this relationship. Novated Lease Stratton Finance in Australia entails adding a new party, which is your employer to the purchase contract. It involves paying for your car through a salary packaging, which means that your employer will make the car payments on your behalf. The employer makes the car payments out of your pre-tax earnings.

How does novated lease work?
A typical novated lease contract can last up to two, three or five years. After the period expires, you can trade in your vehicle for a newer model than the one you currently have on a new lease, or you pay a pre-determined buy-out cost, which is known as a balloon payment then you keep the vehicle. A novated lease differs from the usual car finance options in that your car payments under novated lease entail all running expenses. Also, the fees are deducted from your pre-tax salary; hence, you will always be on the benefiting end despite the amount of tax that you pay.

Benefits of a novated lease
One of the most attractive benefits of novated leases is that people pay for the running costs of a vehicle using pre-tax dollars. The other reason why you would consider owning a car through novated leases in Australia is that you enjoy increased purchasing power because you use a fleet company. People who secure novated leases through fleet providers enjoy huge discounts by making use of the purchasing power to get the car instead of buying through a dealer.

Reputable broker aggregators, such as Stratton Finance offers flexibility such that people can change their cars upon expiry of the lease agreement. Also, the fleet company handles all your servicing requirements on your behalf because the upkeep is included in the lease contract. Novated leasing firms usually charge annual administration charges, and they do most of the maintenance and servicing works after you, and your employer has signed the necessary papers. However, you should beware of leasing companies that take advantage by taking commissions from manufacturers for enticing people to purchase certain cars. Additionally, you can use an online novated lease calculator offered by most companies to get approximate of the kind of a deal that you want. For instance, you can put in your salary, the preferred car model, and your lease term so that you can calculate the exact lease payment and the amount of money you would save.

Novated lease might sound confusing to some people, but it is something anyone would like to try. You can ask your employer about it. A job and job security are essential aspects of novated leases because you can’t access it if you are jobless.

Making Car Finance More Affordable

How to Make Car Finance More Affordable

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For many Australians, a car finance payment is one of the more expensive line items in a person’s budget. Because a car loan may be a financial commitment that extends for at least several years, it makes sense to take all necessary steps to reduce this expense as much as possible. For some drivers, it seems like the only solution to get a more affordable car loan payment is to buy a less expensive vehicle. While this is one smart option available, there are a few other strategies that may be helpful if you want to make your loan payment even more affordable.
Make a Larger Down Payment
The amount of money financed will play a major role in your monthly car loan payment. Buying a less expensive car will result in a lower initial principal balance on your loan, and you could even consider buying a gently used car to save money. Another car finance strategy is to make a larger down payment. With this car finance strategy, you may enjoy more equity in your vehicle from the start, and this could help you to avoid being upside down on your car loan payment. If you need to take a few additional months to save a larger down payment, this may be beneficial in the long run.
Improve Your Credit Rating
Your credit rating plays a direct role in the interest rate that you qualify for when applying for a new car loan. Car finance rates are usually based on a tiered system, and those with a higher credit score qualify for a lower interest rate. With a lower interest rate, your total car finance interest charges over the life of the loan will be reduced. Before you apply for a new car loan, review your credit report. If you have a lower score, identify possible reasons for this. Spending a few months correcting issues and re-establishing a good credit history can help you to qualify for a better rate in some cases.These are only a few of the Mazda Finance by Stratton strategies that you can adopt if you want to set up a more affordable loan payment. Remember that your car loan payment is also affected by your loan term. Extending the loan term can lower your payment, but take this approach with caution. Choosing a very long loan term without making a large down payment could result in you owing more money on your car finance loan than what the vehicle is worth.

Beginners Looking For Car Finance

Beginners Looking For Car Finance

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The world of car finance is easy for those who work in it, but it’s more complicated for those who don’t. The idea of figuring out how interest rates, total cost, monthly payments, and the total math work together is a foreign concept to many consumers, and that’s why so many consumers have no idea if they are working with a good car finance company or not. They work with what’s available, and they have no idea they can shop around for a good car finance rate and company. You don’t want to make the same mistake, which is why you should know how to handle the process of car finance when you’re shopping for a new ride.

Shop Around for Rates

The most important thing you do when you shop for a new car is find a good car finance company (either a financier or a broker who can help search one for you) such as Stratton Toyota Finance You want to find a company that offers the best rates, which means you must shop around for those rates. It’s a common misconception that car rates are all the same, but they’re not. One lender might offer you a lower rate on a new vehicle than another lender. It’s what makes car finance such a competitive game for financial institutions.

Don’t Fall Prey to Peer Pressure 

You know what you’re comfortable spending, what you want, and how you want to find a good car finance lender, but it’s easy to fall prey to peer pressure in this situation. Don’t do it. Don’t allow a car salesman to pressure you into buying a car that you don’t want. Don’t let a car finance lender pressure you into spending more than you’re comfortable spending. You get to make the financial decision here, and you have to make one that works for you.

Shop Around for Cars

Once you’re done with the car finance aspect of this game, you might feel you’re done shopping around. You’re not. You must shop around for a new car, too. You might find that the Car Loans at Stratton Finance you want is more affordable at one dealer than another, and you can work that to your advantage. Many dealers will compete with one another to sell you the car, which only makes it more affordable for you.

Car finance and the financial aspect of car shopping is a bit of a pain for many consumers. It’s so confusing to some people you might make a mistake without knowing you’re making one. That’s what makes this information so valuable to anyone looking for a new car.

Deciding The Best Term For Car Loans

How to Decide the Best Term Length for Car Loans

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If you are thinking about buying a new car soon, you may be preparing to apply for a vehicle loan. Car loans are commonly used by Australian drivers to pay for a large portion of a new car’s sales price. Because a car loan lets drivers spread the payment of the car out over a couple of years or more, even a relatively expensive vehicle may be affordable for many drivers to purchase. When applying for car loans, drivers must determine the ideal term length. Commonly, term lengths range from three to six years, but some lenders offer slightly longer or shorter lengths as well. The term length is usually selected at the loan applicant’s discretion.
Calculate the Monthly Loan Payment
The term length for Car Loans at Stratton Finance directly affects the monthly loan payment. Your primary objective when buying a new car may be to set up monthly payments that work well with your budget. If you select a longer term length, the monthly loan payment will be more affordable. However, be aware that a longer loan term means that more interest will accrue over the years. Essentially, this makes the car loan more expensive for you overall. It is usually advisable to select the shortest term for a car loan that generates an affordable monthly payment.
Focus on Depreciation
Your auto loan payment will also affect how quickly your outstanding loan balance is repaid. Remember that a longer loan term means that the monthly loan balance is paid off in smaller increments each month. Cars typically depreciate in value, and depreciation can occur rather quickly during your first few years of ownership. When the loan term is longer, there is a chance that the car will depreciate faster than the loan balance is repaid. This creates an upside-down situation where you owe more than the vehicle is worth. One way to prevent this from happening with car loans is to make a larger down payment. Another preventative step is to choose a shorter loan term.As you can see, there are multiple factors to consider when you are selecting the right term for your Toyota Finance by Stratton new loan. You most importantly need your monthly loan payment to be affordable, but you should not take on a loan that would put you in an upside-down situation either. When adjusting the loan term is not a realistic way to manage a loan payment, either buy a less expensive car or place more money down on the purchase.
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Novated Lease Circle Of Life

The Novated Lease Circle Of Life

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Workers offer their time and labor to employers for two, more or less, reasons:

  • To garner financial benefit.
  • They genuinely enjoy working.

Let’s face it – virtually everyone on planet Earth doesn’t like to work every single day, or be so excited to clock in that they have trouble sleeping at night because they have those proverbial butterflies in their stomachs.

There’s also one more reason why people submit to their employers’ demands, day in, day out – it pretty much falls under the “financial benefit” category, although it’s somewhat different – to receive the benefits packages their employers offer.

Some of the most popular individual benefits are:

  • Free daycare or babysitting
  • Repaying one’s undergraduate or graduate tuition, if not both
  • Providing assistance in local or regional relocation
  • Being granted the ability to video and/or audio chat from home on certain days or hours
  • Employers’ equal, dollar-for-dollar matching of healthcare retirement accounts

These five benefits typically aren’t available in any one benefit package, though other benefits are just as good – well, some are.

The Novated Lease Is Amazing

Leases are common, effective means of securing a vehicle for one’s own use. They’re especially common in Australia, seeing as most people can’t afford the cost of purchasing a vehicle outright with cash.

The Novated Lease Stratton Finance, believe it or not, stretches lessees’ money out longer than what is normally available, without a novated lease. How does this work?

The Juice Behind The Novated Lease

When concerning a novated lease, the employee doesn’t pick up financial responsibility – the employer does. However, payments are taken directly from employees by their employers such as Mazda Finance Stratton and submitted to the financial institution responsible for the deal – in other words, the financier.

Why doesn’t the employee cut the employer out? Sounds like a lot of unnecessary hassle, right? WRONG!

The Australian government has recognized that if legitimate employers serve as intermediaries between employees and financiers in novated lease agreements, there’s solid proof that employees are actually using such money to acquire vehicles.

Australian Tax Office chooses to support the tax-free stimulation of the Australian economy – that’s the basis for the novated lease agreement.

Employees often bond more tightly with employers when they’re granted approval for a Car Loan Stratton Finance as they might not be able to go out and lease vehicles on their own. Everybody wins – especially the employer; it loses virtually nothing!

Getting Funds For Car Loans

Getting Funds For Car Loans


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Are you looking at various ways to get a Stratton Finance Car Loan in Australia ? You may have saved up enough money for a nice down payment but are still required to get an actual loan. Don’t worry- there are a number of opportunities you can choose that will help you get the loan that you need for the car of your dreams! Car loans don’t have to be difficult and here’s why!

Car Loans- What You Can Do

You may want to consider other avenues to get the payment down for the car loans you are considering. To do that, you’ll want to put more money down on the actual car or truck you are buying in the first place. Getting car loans from your dealer generally requires good credit and if you don’t have it, your interest rates will be sky-high. Worse, you could be turned down for car loans altogether. If your credit is bad but you still need cash for car loans in Australia, consider applying for a payday loan, or cash advance.

What Can a Payday Loan Do to Help?

Payday loans are helpful for Australians who are trying to get car loans because they do not require a good credit score to get one. They simply require a bank account and a steady paycheck in order to be approved. Why can they help? Once you are approved for a small payday loan you can take the cash you receive and apply it to the down payment of your vehicle. This helps you in two ways:

#1 You’ll end up paying the car loan off quicker with a larger down payment

#2 The finance company may give you a lower interest rate because you had a higher down payment up front

How to Apply

A payday loan can be applied for either online or at a local brick-and-mortar business. It is easy to apply and you can walk out of a local company with the cash that very day that you can then use to apply for a car loan e.g. If you want a Toyota Car Finance Or, apply online and the money will be deposited right into your personal checking account within 24 hours (in most cases). You don’t have to have good credit to get this type of loan and you only have to give the company a few bits of information in order to be eligible.

You can get the vehicle of your dreams when you get a little inventive about how to pay on your loan! Consider an alternative type of loan when you need some extra help.