Making Car Finance More Affordable

How to Make Car Finance More Affordable

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For many Australians, a car finance payment is one of the more expensive line items in a person’s budget. Because a car loan may be a financial commitment that extends for at least several years, it makes sense to take all necessary steps to reduce this expense as much as possible. For some drivers, it seems like the only solution to get a more affordable car loan payment is to buy a less expensive vehicle. While this is one smart option available, there are a few other strategies that may be helpful if you want to make your loan payment even more affordable.
Make a Larger Down Payment
The amount of money financed will play a major role in your monthly car loan payment. Buying a less expensive car will result in a lower initial principal balance on your loan, and you could even consider buying a gently used car to save money. Another car finance strategy is to make a larger down payment. With this car finance strategy, you may enjoy more equity in your vehicle from the start, and this could help you to avoid being upside down on your car loan payment. If you need to take a few additional months to save a larger down payment, this may be beneficial in the long run.
Improve Your Credit Rating
Your credit rating plays a direct role in the interest rate that you qualify for when applying for a new car loan. Car finance rates are usually based on a tiered system, and those with a higher credit score qualify for a lower interest rate. With a lower interest rate, your total car finance interest charges over the life of the loan will be reduced. Before you apply for a new car loan, review your credit report. If you have a lower score, identify possible reasons for this. Spending a few months correcting issues and re-establishing a good credit history can help you to qualify for a better rate in some cases.These are only a few of the Mazda Finance by Stratton strategies that you can adopt if you want to set up a more affordable loan payment. Remember that your car loan payment is also affected by your loan term. Extending the loan term can lower your payment, but take this approach with caution. Choosing a very long loan term without making a large down payment could result in you owing more money on your car finance loan than what the vehicle is worth.

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